Our Approach

About Us

Judah Tours was started as a shared effort between all the partners to deliver memorable experiences, fun times and knowledge. Judah Tours is a Christian touring agency based in Jerusalem. Our aim is to share the awareness about the christian heritage in Israel & The West Bank.

We offer creative and innovative ideas to allow the maximum enjoyment of the richness of our country, providing a personalized and efficient service, with the backing of professionals of vast experience in the field of tourism.

Among the services offered by the company stands out the coordination of itineraries for individuals and groups, including hotel reservations, transport, tours, logistical support activities and any other special requirements necessary.

We always work thinking of you, of your needs, but above all, of your expectations. We know that every detail is important, and for this reason make our best effort to care for all those "little things" which will always make the difference so that your trip will be exceptional.

Our Story