Judah Tours team is proud to always meet the expectations for our visitors and to be seen as the real friendly, adventurous and fun face of Israel.

Judah tours Jerusalem Tour

With Judah Tours there is nothing to worry about we have done the work for you to choosing the Best guides in there Area’s , even though it is very small place but there is TONS of things to see and do in Israel and the West Bank.

it is not like going to Egypt where you will be amazed with huge Pyramids, there is many things that will amaze you while in Israel, but you need expert to take you back in time thousands of years ago where jesus walked and to live the experience they had.

We have in Israel over 790 Religious sites including Biblical Sites and Archeological Tell’s, Musuems, Countless Parks and Hundreds of amazing Natural Wonders all over the place for you and your family to enjoy exploring.

judah Tours

Choosing Private Tour guide can give you Great Quality Service and Customized service as you wish and it can be easily done online and it most important to select friendly and knowledgeable staff we here at Judah tours proud our selves with very friendly, hospitable local staff and are eager to show you there ways of live, there culture and Traditions.

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