Hebron is widely known as Arabic Al-Khalil, and it is a famous Palestinian city that is developed in the southern part of West Bank. This place is at a distance of almost 30km from Jerusalem and is considered as the second biggest city in the area. Stats reveal that almost 300,000 Palestinians live in Hebron city and 500,000 live in the villages. Other than this, there are around 500 to 850 Jewish settlers that are residing in Palestinian territories without legal permissions.

There are so many amazing things to explore in Hebron. Here you will find several historical sites with eye-catching attractions and interesting stories. They reflect the uniqueness and originality of the city along with its rich history. If you are planning to explore this area in the coming days, it is first important to collect some ideas about famous tourist attractions around. Below we have highlighted a few of them to make your tour more memorable:

Ibrahim Mosque:

It is one of the most beautiful visiting spots in the city of Hebron. The overall appeal of this site is almost the same as that of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and it is also surrounded by the great wall made up of large stones. Note that, length of each stone used to design this wall is somewhere around 7 meters. History reveals that it is the oldest sacred building in the area and fourth-most holy developments for the Muslims. One part of the holy place is also designed for the Jewish Worshipers.

Old City of Hebron:

This city is situated next to the Ibrahimi Mosque and is surrounded by several old houses, winding alleys, large markets, and shops as well. But today, Israeli authorities have deployed their troops in many areas of the city just to protect the area from the presence of Jews who are willing to control the real estate in the city of Hebron.

Ceramic and Glass Factories:

Hebron is widely known as a ceramic and glass producer city. Tourists love to visit this area to buy unique gifts and antiques that symbolize the rich cultural heritage of this city. The industries here run by utilizing local raw materials that are primarily of glass waste collected from the regional soda water vendors. These stunning pieces of art in this area are available at a reasonable price.

Ramah Campus:

In the north part of the city, you will find Ramah campus. This place is more important as Abraham Prophet spend a long time of his life at this place. Other than this, Ismail also enjoyed a beautiful phase of his life at this campus with his mother, Hagar. Some residents also say that Hebron was interested in designing a Cave of Patriarchs at this location but due to the long distance from commercial convoys, he decided to change the location.

Other than this, you can visit Abraham’s Oak Holy Trinity Monastery, The shrine of Prophet Luta, and Prophet Yunus at this place.

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