This wonderful place is located at a short distance of 11km from Bethlehem and is known as the magnificent place of Herod. It is interesting to know that this place was originally created by Herod the Great. This historical desert land was built during the last phase of the 1st century BC. Herod designed it as a fortified castle and it also has a palace inside. There is a stunning garden at the foot of the hill that is given an Arabic name: Jabal Al Freidees. This name is derived from a famous Arabic word: Fardous which means magnificent. Herodium is sometimes also called Herodion and it was once a luxurious place with the round walls around the city that encloses its gardens, baths and apartments as well.

Herodium place is built on a mountain that has an estimated height of 758 meters from the sea level. The site provides beautiful views of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Some of the most dominating views that tourists love to explore from this site are the Judean Wilderness and the Dead Sea. Other than this, you will be able to view the panoramic beauty of Mount of Olives in the northward direction.

The site is considered as most ambitious building project in the area. On the base of the hill, there is another important part of this site that is famous as Lower Herodion. During excavations, experts have obtained some remains of pool complex in this area that was fed by the village of Artas based aqueduct. Other than this, the remains of three large Byzantine churches were also found in the area. Studies show the presence of some secret tunnels in the area that were probably used to escape at the time of danger.

Millions of people love to visit the Herodion national park every year; however, it is still an active site for archaeologists. Herod’s Tomb was found recently in the year 2007. Mount Herod is referred to as a human-made mountain. Herod turned the high perched hill into a prominent cone. On the outer wall of the site, archaeologists found a passageway that works as an entry to the hill. This site was designed using several layers of earth and small stones.

The Palace at Herod place is basically a square building, but it is covered by a circular wall. The palace also has an ornamental garden that is surrounded by a banquet hall, reception hall, several living rooms, bathhouses, and colonnaded peristyle. Note that the bathhouse here was designed as per Roman bathing style; it consists of a dressing room, entrance lobby, hot room. Warm room, cold room and a tiny bathing pool. The hot air to the hot rooms comes from the double-layered floor as there are some channels created in the bathhouse walls. All the elements used to decorate this place are stunning with the ultimate impression of the Roman era. If you are excited to explore some historical sites, Herodium must be on the top of the list for its awesome beauty and loads of secrets wrapped inside.

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